Government and Policy Careers and Education

If you have a strong desire to shape the future, to change the things that you don’t particularly like, or just want to be in the middle of decision making and policy changing, then a career in Government and Policy would be an excellent choice. Government agencies that hire graduates with a Government and Policy degree include the National aeronautics and Space Administration, the Food and Drug Administration, the US Mint, and of course, there is always the choice of pursuing a political career. Conservation companies, Federal agencies, scientific careers, and Congress are also career paths that have been chosen by those who pursued their degree in Government and Policy. Government career choices in Canada could land you a job with the Correctional Services of Canada, the Civil Service Commission, or the Department of National Defense, among other agencies, both directly and non-directly related to government. Generally speaking, most Government Policy positions in the United States are based in Washington, DC, although there are state and local positions that must be filled. There are legislative positions working in or directly with Congress. These positions are filled by those who possess the required degrees, as well as the social and work skills that are required to maintain an effective relationship with those they come into contact with. Working in the political field is a very fast-paced and active lifestyle.

Educational requirements will vary, according to the field that you are actually interested in. a bachelor’s degree will suffice in many cases. Courses of study will also vary, but may include Comparative Politics, International Relations, Making Public Policies, American Government, Comparative Politics of the Middle East, Politics of Developing Nations, Political Economy, Ethical Reasoning, and many others. Keep in mind that these course names will vary from college to college, but overall the study materials are the same. So, if you should decide to pursue a career in the Government and Policy field, you should be expected to learn every tiny detail about the government and the making, enforcing, and overall structure of policies and their counterparts.

Some things to look for in yourself, to see if you are suited for a career in this field are communication skills. This skill should be self explanatory. If you plan to be in the public sector, or work with people in the public sector, then you should have outstanding skills in communicating. You should be able to prepare reports with lightening speed, and be able to present testimony or speeches on a particular subject matter, sometimes within a day or less. Interpersonal skills are very important as you will be expected to build relationships and coalitions to resolve many differences in the sector that you will be working. You must possess the quality of a “people person”. Government and Policy workers will need to enjoy working with and around people. You must also possess clear thinking skills, and be able to multi-task and work under, sometimes very extreme pressure. Overall, if you enjoy working with people, and have a clear, focused mind, you will excel greatly in this field.

Salaries within the Federal Government vary, not only by location, but by degree, and the field in which you are working. Starting salary for the Federal Government is around $17,000 annually, and the highest salary reported this year is around $89,000, with the highest expectation to reach nearly $120,000. Of course that is after you have worked for a couple of years, and established yourself. The salaries are very varied within the Government and Policy career field, it will depend on your major course of study, and with what organization or government office that you seek employment. Still, the salaries for this field are much higher for those with a bachelor’s degree than with many other field. Of course, a master’s degree or PhD will ultimately earn you more starting annual salary, and ensure that you earn more annually, even after you have worked in the field for several years.

The Government and Policy field is a wide one. If you have the necessary thinking and reasoning abilities, there is a great chance that you will do well in this career path. Certainly, if you strive to improve the world, or even just your area of the world, you can find a career in the Government and Policy field that will be rewarding, not only for yourself, but also for those that you choose to help.