Writing Your Poem is Not Very Tough

Writing with rhythm is something that may excite you. At the same time you worry about to write a poem? Plenty of poems we have already read. So what is a poem that I don not need to tell you.

Before writing any poem ask these questions to yourself:
What motivated you to write a poem?
What is the mental condition of your mind? Are you happy or sad?
Are you writing in memory of someone or something?
How nicely you can express a topic?
What rhythm you are going to follow in this poem? Will it be aabb-aabb or, abab abab or, aaaa bbbb etc.
How many lines your poem may take? Estimate average number of lines taken in each stanza.
Have you read any recent poetry that has inspired you to write your own poetry?

Keeping these above points in mind, you can start writing your own poetry.

If you are writing your first poetry, invest time for selecting proper words and phrases. Think about how creatively you can describe the subject of your poetry? At first try to write short poems. If you succeed, try longer writing.

After you have finished writing, your job is half done. Check if anything could be added on the subject of your poem. Read your poem loudly. If any line does not seem to go with the poem, change it or delete it. Revising your writing not only gives you idea to rectify your errors, it also helps you to come up with the new ideas about the same topic which you can later use in your future works.

Adding a title to your work can be done in two ways. First you write the title and then you start writing your poem or first you complete your writing and then you place a suitable title for your work.

Poetry writing is done by anybody but quality poetry creation is possible only by the hands of a few. Before you write a good poem, follow hundreds of other poems to know more about the subject and try to know writing style of an individual poet. By maintaining these guidelines, you can easily create short beautiful poem in no time.