Student Loans And How They Can Help Your Education

Student loans are monies provided either by the government or private sector to enable a student pay his tuition fees, buy his books and take care of other expenses while in school, especially if he has no savings to cater for these needs.

These loans enable one who would otherwise be unable to acquire former education as a result of poverty to go to school. They are however not free and must be repaid as soon as one completes one’s education and lands a job.

The advantage of the programme is that it enables poor students and those whose parents are poor to acquire standard education. It brings education to the reach of the poor and prevents it from being the exclusive rights of only the rich. It therefore provides succor to students who cannot afford to pay their fees from their pockets.

Besides, the student is not burdened with repaying the loan while still in school. It makes it possible for him to concentrate to study without the fear of having to be asked to repay his debt. It make it possible for you to take your studies, pay your rent and be able to feed yourself without having to look for other sources of getting the money to take care of your feeding.

Moreover, it ensures uninterrupted education. Since the debts are usually paid at the end of studies, students have the privilege to continue their education without dropping out of school as a result of their inability to pay their debts. The beauty of the whole package is that you are able to complete your education on schedule all things being equal.

Furthermore, the interest rate is cheaper than the other forms of loan. Since it is understood that the person collecting the loan is a student, the interest rate is usually pegged at least 2 to 3 points below other forms of loans.

The repayment is also spread out to make it less burdensome. You can conveniently offset the debt through a scheduled repayment system that allows you to pay a particular percentage of your income monthly.

Different countries have different procedures for acquiring the student loans and ways of repayment after completing your education. Generally, there are factors that are put into consideration before loans are given out to the students. The income level of the parents may be considered: the income level of the students may also be considered especially for those who already have a job before considering going back to school.

iPad in The Education Industry

The iPad has emerged as one of the major inventions in the modern world. Though, it is still new and lots of applications with it are still in the primary stage, it has surely captured the eye of the world. The business executives are hoping to use iPad applications in the best possible way they can. Different industries are looking at this invention in different ways, hoping to replace the laptops and make life of their executives easy and smart. That is really a magic this gadget has created. A recent study has revealed that iPad tablet sales may reach 7 million units worldwide in 2010 and 15 million next year and a high of around 20 million in 2012.

This simply means the number of iPad users will keep increasing year on year. In other words, there is a huge demand for different applications based on this platform. Today, iPad applications are in great demand and with this kind of increase in sale of this gadget will demand more such applications.

Many industries are looking for different applications to be customized the way they want creating a need for lot of smart phone application developers worldwide. One such industry is education. Here, I’m talking mainly about the universities and colleges. They always create a huge buzz attracting lots of students from all over the world. These days these educational institutes use different types of systems for different purposes such as student management, admissions, examinations or even library. With the invention of iPad in particular, these universities will be looking to use the gadget at the best.

Let us look at some possible scenarios:

1. There is a possibility of a virtual classroom, which can be accessed by both the students and tutors. This simply means, both the students and/or tutors can access the classroom sitting at any corner of the world.

2. A student can access his examination or even assignments via his iPad, or even submit them with the gadget. Same way, tutor can upload the examinations and/or assignments.

3. A student can take his notes in the class, email them instantly and can access the classwork at any time.

4. Institute (College/University) can easily keep track of his students, tutors, guest lecturers and other staff easily and can publish related information online, which can easily be accessed by the concerned people.

5. Students/tutors can easily access the library online with their iPad.

6. Marketing department of a university can use these applications to showcase more information about the university, especially when it comes to inviting foreign students.

There could be many more such possible scenarios when we consider different activities in an educational setup. The most important thing with all these applications is that one can use these applications even when he is on the go or travelling. He doesn’t need to be in front of computer/laptop accessing the applications. Life will surely be very much convenient, still easy and simple.
KISS…Keep It Simple, Stupid, as they say it.

How important is it for the universities to create applications for iPad?

The sale of iPad is increasing day by day and the numbers says it all time and again. Soon, you will find students carrying their iPad to the classrooms and taking notes on it. There will be a great demand for iPad amongst the students, especially students doing their doctorate and engineering or technology students who always keep themselves well verged with the latest technology available and gadgets in the market.

Today, iPad is a device mostly used by the executives and business class, but it will not take much time for the student community to adopt the best features of this device and make the best use of the same. It will then become mandatory for the educational institutes to create the applications that are easily available and supported on iPad.

Educational institutes can use iPad applications for different departments including administration, admission, laboratories, examination, library, student management, student councils and alumni and many more, also for different set of personnel including the university staff, tutors, students and top university officials as well. iPad applications can be a great help specially for people in marketing department of a university or higher authorities looking to create establishments or tie up with foreign delegates, foreign entities and organizations. In all, lot of university departments and personnel can make use of iPad applications in a different ways to the best of their use.

Mac is already playing a large role in education sector in the US market. The use of Mac Books is increasing day by day, and with universities, tutors and students adopting different technologies, I don’t see a reason why iPAd will not get its share in this particular industry. iPad is here to stay and to grow – not just in numbers but also with its usage and applications that comes with iPad.

The world is changing and surely everyone’s life. The technology has already taken over various industries and education is no different. It’s a boom time of iPads and universities, colleges; educational institutes need to change their strategies, plans to adopt this new device.

TechJini Advantage

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Recently, we have worked with one of the major universities and set up innovation labs for them. This application was developed for iPad as well as iPhone users. There are different departments in this educational institute that takes the advantage of different applications we developed for them.

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